24 JULY 1847

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As if to display its vitality to the last, the House of Commons has debated one measure this week with animation and closeness of argument—the Bishopric of Manchester Bill. When...

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Election affairs begin to wear an appearance of business, now

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that one sees the Ministers actively engaged in soliciting the voters. Lord John Russell made his first appearance this season on Tuesday; Mr. Hawes also appearing on the...

The latest accounts from China confirm our apprehension, that no

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additional security of hold is attained for our position y the mere coercion of the provincials on the extreme frontier. Our merchant population, indiscreet, overbearing, and...

Debates an13 lproteebings in glarliantent.

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Tex NEW BISHOPRIC. In the House of Commons, on Monday, the adjourned debate on the Bishopric of Manchester Bill, arishig on the order of the day for going into Committee ' was...

Two events in Ireland, each remarkable enough in itself, but

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doubly so in coming together, are the increase of Repeal candi- dates among the Tory party, and the new Lord-Lieutenant's address to Dublin Corporation all against Repeal. That...

The political horizon in France is gloomy enough. Everything looks

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unsettled, without any definite purpose to animate the peo- ple, control their turbulence, or open the view of beneficial re- sults. The spectacle presented by the Court of...

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gbe jiletropoits.

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At a meeting of City electors in the London Tavern, on Tuesday, Lord John Russell delivered his first personal address to his constituents. The large room was crowded to...

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THE Queen =Me up from Osborne on Thursday, to attend to the busi- nessof the prorogation. Her Majesty held a Privy Council at Bucking- ham Palace, attended by Prince Albert and...

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Itbe Vrobincts.

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A meeting of the electors of North Lancashire was held at Preston on Monday. Mr. Wilson, the Chairman of the late Anti-Corn-law League, expfained the state of the register;...

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Mr. Mackenzie of Applecross retires from the representation of Ross- shire. A Conservative seat will tints be vacated. Mr. Thomas Campbell Robertson, of Rossdhu House, has...

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Fast:cu.—The judgment of the Court of Peers against Cnbibree, Teats, and Parmentier, was delivered on Saturday. The Court was in full deliberation with closed doors for four...


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The Earl of Clarendon gave audience, on Monday, to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Town-Council of Dublin, who presented an address of con- gratulation on his arrival as...

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The Supplementary Minute of Council on Education, first mentioned by Lord John Russell at the City meeting on Tuesday, is published this week as a Parliamentary Paper- " 10th...

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From the proceedings at the meeting of the Arclueological Association

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on Thursday, it appears that the Shaluipere Society has undertaken the dut7 of pre- serving the house in which Shakspere was born, with other relics at Stratford- upon-Avon; and...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The Queen and Prince Albert left Buckingham Palace at half-past nine this morning, for Osborne. A Supplement to last night's Gazette contains a...

On the 15th July, at Sbawford House, near Winchester, the

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Lady of Major-General Frederick, C.B., of a son. On the 15th, in Walton Place, the Lady of the Hon. Cornwallis Maude, of a daughter. On the 16th, at the Parsonage. St....

By the Paris papers of Thursday it appears that Marshal

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Souk's resignation had actually been in the King's hands for some days. The cause assigned is the state of the Marshal's health: be is only now recovering from an attack of neu-...

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The Moreton Bay Courier Extraordinary of March 17th announces the

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total wreck of the Sovereign steamer, with the loss of several passengers and a cargo of wool. She grounded on the bar at Amity Point, and afterwards foundered in four fathoms...


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STOCK Excaamoz, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The operations of the week have been of an unimportant character, and the general tendency of the market downwards. Money is more in demand,...


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Thursday was a subscriptien-night at Her Majesty's Theatre; there was a new opera, composed expressly for this house by Verdi, the fashionable composer of the day; and Jenny...


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aaarren—At Gravesend, 19th July, China, Livesay, from Calcutta; 20th, W. Wool- ley, Virtue, from Mauritius. In the Downs, 21st, Janet, —, from Mauritius. Off Dartmouth, 1811,,...

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The promised performance of Le Nozze di Figaro at Covent

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Garden also took place on Thursday. Our attendance at the other house prevented our witnessing it then; but we shall particularly notice its repetition. In the mean time, we...

When we have excellent reading and a refined conception of

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a charac- ter, we should be unwilling to call a performance a failure; but we should be just as unwilling to call the Celimine of Mademoiselle Rachel, at the St. James's, a...


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The present visit of this illustrious musician has been of great benefit to the progress of his art in England. He came to London on the invitation of the Sacred Harmonic...


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NEW TENURE OF STATESMANSHIP. THE two political leaders have come before the public, but not on the same field, nor in the same manner. They are not antago- nists, indeed...

• On the occasion of Buckstone's benefit at the Haymarket,

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a Mr. John Reeve, son of the celebrated comic genius, made his daft. If he take a position beyond that gained by a benefit-night, more of him anon.

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IT has been discovered that Sir Harry Smith, the chivalrous con- queror of Aliwal, on whom honours have been showered with not too lavish hand, is denied "substantial" rewards...


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THE progress of a wiser humanity on the subject of social ques- tions is strikingly shown in the verdicts which juries give in ac- tions for two classes of injury to women—for...

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AMONG the movements of our day none strikes us as being so Impressive or so important as that which is converting agricul- ture into a science. In the discussion at Northampton...


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Mamas, Wayfaring Sketches among the Greeks and Turks, and on the Shores etas Danube. By a Seven-Yeara Resident in Greece Chapman and Hell. A Narrative of a Recent Journey of...

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Wumard Bstorwrir is a "Friend"; and appears to be one of those philanthropists who conjoin amiable feelings with a susceptible taste, a clear practical bead with untiring...

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was one of the most remarkable merchant-nobles of the middle ages, or indeed of any time, if reliance can be placed upon the somewhat hazy accounts of him that are recorded. His...

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EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY: THE CLOSE. A PARTING lounge in the rooms of the Royal Academy made us remember two or three works of merit which we had overlooked. "The South...


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Tau authoress of Gisella belongs, in artist phrase, to the school of the oommon romance-writers ; bat the country whence she has drawn her materials imparts a good deal of...

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At Lloyd's, appears, from a hasty glance to be a work of fair merit. The Prince stands in an easy posture, robed, with a scroll in one hand, and the other extended as if he were...


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A Collection of the Operatic Works of the most Eminent Composers. Edited by J. Wrey Mould. The Musical portion of the work revised by W. S. Rocketro. Part L This is the...


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WAR-OFFICE. July 16,-Royal' Fleet. of Horse Guards-C. EL.D. Mills, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Lord 0. Fitzgerald, promoted: 9th Light Drags-Capt. E. J. Pratt, from...


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Tuesday, July 20. PAWNS - Sentra DltssOLVXD. Robinson and Co. Milk Street, silk.manufacturers-Burnelde and Hillman, John Street, Crotched Friars, stationers-Kennedy and...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct. — Massachusetta(Sterling)...6 p. Ct. Austrian 6 — — Mexica n 6...