9 APRIL 1836, Page 7


Dr. Sparke, Bishop of Ely, died on Monday night. Another windfall for the Lucky Ministry. The revenues of Ely amounted, even on the cautions admission of the money-grub who last gathered them, to 11,500/. a year.

It is rumoured that Dr. Shuttleworth, Warden of New College, Oxford, will be the new Bishop of Ely. The Earl of Cathcart, Colonel of the Second Regiment of Life Guards, died a few days ago. What epauletted Tory, having a sister or other equally convenient interest at Court, is to inherit the old Earl's military sinecure?

General Sir Frederick Ponsonby has been appointed to the Colonelcy of the Fourth Regiment of Light Dragoons, vacant by the death of General flugonin.

Only two of the Court of Directors, it is said, had the courage to vote against the appointment of Lord Elphinstone. One or two others remained neutral.—Standard.

Reports are rife as to Lord Hill's retirement ; but we are entirely ignorant whether they are well or ill-founded.—Courier.

The Standard says that Mr. Robert Steuart, M. P. for Iladding ton, is to be Chief Commissioner of the Post-office under the new arrangement of that department. The Standard of Saturday, founding on Lord Glenelg's now having a right to a pension of 2000/. a year from his term of official service, and

from Lord Sidmouth's having given up his pension, repeats its ground less statement, that Lord Glenelg is about to retire. Lord Glenelg's pension, should his right to it have been allowed, will of course be

in abeyance while he holds office.—Courier. [We expressed our disbelief of this story in the second edition of the Spectator last week.]