8 AUGUST 1840, Page 11

The dates from China are to the 11th of Moy.

The Chinese we es actively engaged in making preparathms of defence. Volunteers \vele invited and encouraged to join the Celestial ermy, and the women of several of the maritime cities bed been removed into the interior from fear of an attack of the Euglish. No hostilities bad of late occurred along the coast ; excelsf a brush between the Water Witch (which was at Macao oa the IIds April) and some Mandarin boats.

Of the plan of operations nothing had transpired ; lint it was generally believed that the campaign would open by the bombardment of Canton.

The Bengal Hurhare, under the date of Penang, 2311 April, mentions the arrival of five transports at Penang, with troops on board. Two vessels had lost one man each, another tour, all except one by cholera. The stay at Penang was expected to be longer than had been anticipated. Opium was selling on the Chinese coast, at from 600 to 700 dollars the chest.

The Lord William Bentinck, from London, and the Lord Castlereagh, from Karracic, both with troops on board, were wrecked off Bombay harbour on the 17th of June. Of the former, 28 of the crew and officers, 7 passengers out of 11, and 65 soldiers, were lost ; and only 70 of the 200 persons on board the Lord Castlereagh had been saved.

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