8 AUGUST 1840, Page 11

At the Derry Assizes, William Collins was fimnd guilty of

being a Ibbouman. Mr. Schoales, counsel for the Crown, in his opening statement, said—" The system has branched out to an awful extent ; and if I should say it had a milsion of members, perhaps I should not exceed the truth!"

At Donegal Assizes, eight persons were indicted for marching in an unlawful procession on St. Patrick's Day, with music, colours, tke. The Orangemen took offence at the compliment to the national saint, and fang stones at the banners. The prisoners pleaded " Guilty," and were sentenced to two days' imprisonment.,

At Dublin Assizes, on Tuesday, Mr. Paisley, Coroner of the County of Dublin, and Mr. James Mitchell, surgeon, were indicted for eonsptrmg together to obtain a large sum of money from the Treasurer of I he County, with intent to defraud the ratepayers. It was alleged against the defendants, that Mr. Paisley had written orders to the County Treasurer to pay Mr. Mitchell fees for attending inquests at which he was not present. The Jury acquitted both defendants.

Ma W. F. Beaumont was charged before the Magistrate at Dublin Police-office, on Saturday, with having sent a challenge to Captain Elhson;of the Eighty-eighth Regiment. It appeared that Mr. Beaumont inspected Captain Ellison had seduced his wife : he therefore challenged the Captain, to meet him in the Fifteen Acres, the general inellIng-gronnd of Dublin, at half-past three o'clock on Saturday morning. Beaumont was there at the time ; and seeing a young man come on the ground soon afterwards, he mistook him for Captain Ellis Ma's second, and proposed to him to be second to both, as he had not procured one. The "second" was a Police-officer, who had come to —.apprehend the parties; so he immediately took Mr. Beaumont into custody. The Magistrate ordered the challenger to find bail to keep the peace.

The Teetotallers have been going so far with their party proeessious, that the Stipendiary Magistrate at Nenagb, Mr. Lyne, has been ordered to institute proceedings against the leaders of the procession which took place on the Reverend Mr. Mathew's late visit to that town.

Between eight and nine o'clock on Sunday evening last, a Teetotal procession, consisting of between 800 and 1,000 members, marched through the town of Kilbeggan, carrying flags and having their medals slung before them, and preceded by a band of music.