7 OCTOBER 1882, Page 2

The extraordinary range of the demands raised by the Italian "

Irredenta " party is best shown by the statements of the official " Elements of Geography," published in 1877, for the use of schools. In this publication, scholars are informed that Italy is now divided politically into the Italian Kingdom, the Republic of San Marino, the Tyrol, and Istria, which are part of Austria; Corsica and Nice, which depend on France ; the Ticino, which is included in Switzerland ; and Malta, which depends on England. Trieste, it should be noted, has belonged to the Hapsburgs for 500 years ; and Malta is not even Italian by nationality, her people being hybrids, who speak a dialect of Arabic. The Irredentists would show themselves better informed, and quite as practical, if they claimed a more important island, namely, Britain. There is no doubt that it was an Italian province once, and no evidence that Rome ever surrendered her claim, either by treaty or decree. The Emperor, when he withdrew the Legions, only told the people to defend themselves ; just as we told the Now Zealanders, who are, nevertheless, her Majesty's subjects. As it is laid down in the new code that "Nullum tempus occurrit Italiro," Britain is a dependency of Rome, and should be reclaimed at once. There are quite as many Italians in London as in Malta.