4 MAY 1850, Page 6


An election of a Member of Parliament for the ;borough of Leaningttai took place on Tuesday last. The /result of the poll iwaa--

Edvrard Jdtm Hutchins ----..._. 121

Majority 18 The borough of iymiagten consists of a little more than one street, on one aide of the Lymington water, and a strip of land, having about fifty ten-pound houses, on the other side of the water. The vacancy oc- casioned by the resignation of Colonel Keppel was not -known in the town until the arrival of the -writ; and with the writ eanae Mr. Hutchins, with the necessary introductions from -Government supporters. If the electors bad been disposed to have chosen the ablest man in Eng- land—to have taken a Grate, or a Macaulay—the opportunity was denied to &an. After the lapse of one -day, the Protectionists brought down their candidate Intimidation was most openly and univer- sally practised by both parties ; bribery was resorted to, drunken- ness was general, and the election was a scene of beastly degradation. There was no perceptible difference in the sense of morality on the part either of the gentlemen or-the dleetors. The -candidates were utterly un- known to the 'electors ; they had so -antecedents entitling them to -notice - and even the seconder of Mr. Miarbins forgot his name—proposing -hint by a wrong 'name, -at the time-of nomination.—From a Correspondent.

A frightful series of mimes has been perpetrated by a madman at Ingestre in Staffordshire. rarkee, the head gamekeeper to .1:1 Talbot, had recently suffered from delirium tremene; Walter Murray, an assistant keeper, was appointed to watch him, with strict injunctions not to allow.him to handle any dangerous weapon. Yet -Murray permitted Yarker to take a gun, and went out with him to Shoot jackdaws. Yarker took an opportunity to dis- charge a bullet at his companion, and shot him dead. The madman then returned home. There he encountered a maid-servant with a child in her arms : he fired, and killed the servant, the child falling from her arias un- hurt. Be then aimed at his sister; she dodged -him, and when he fired she escaped with only two shots in .her face. Yarker then -hurried away into a wood, his wife following him : in a few minutes two shots were heard, and soon afterwards it was found that Mrs. Yarker had been shot through the heart, while her husband's head. was shattered to pieces.