3 OCTOBER 1914, Page 10

It is announced from Cape Town that Liideritzbncht, in German

South-West Africa, was occupied by the South African Defence Force on Saturday, September 19th. The expedition anchored off the town on the previous evening and demanded its surrender. This was arranged peacefully with the burgomaster, and the Union Jack was hoisted on the town hall. The German garrison had retired inland after blowing up some bridges and destroying the wireless installation. The town was named after a German trader, F. A. Lhderitz, who settled there in 1883. Afterwards the German Government proclaimed a protectorate—their first on the African Continent. General Botha's decision to take the field personally has been enthusiastically received in South Africa, and Boers of every political shade are freely volunteering for service. The papers of Tuesday contained the news that Duals., the capital of the Cameroons, bad uncon- ditionally surrendered to the British naval forces, and that Bonaberi had similarly surrendered to an Anglo-French force under Brigadier-General C. M. Dobell.