3 AUGUST 1850, Page 21


Tuesday, July 30.

reaswzasigra Die80uren..7-Wo.rthington and Co. Leek, silk-manufacturers; as far as regards W. H. Turner-Hammond and Co. London, button-mannfacturers- Soyer and Gibbs, Rnisert Street, nianufactureni of mineral waters-J. and W. Fitch, Bowden, linendrapers-W. and T. Woodall, Dudley, screw-manufacturers-Hare and Son. Hfill-Lufkin and Keogli,Pmdbury, etone-masons-Hemeley and Preston, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-Skeggand Murchison, St. Martin's Place, surgeons -Bxidge and Barnard, CullumStreet, colonial-agents-Spearman and Clark, Cheap- side, auctioneers-Armytage and Sons, Coln Brid,,e, Yorkshire, cotton-spinners-- Rohinson and Clapham, Leeds, groce.rs-,Itichinond and Williams,Ipstones, Stafford- shire, coal-propnetersCitrter and Harper, Manchester, carriers-Brothers and Williams, Nottingham, chemists -Holme and Roberts, Manchester, cotton-spinners; as far as regards T. Harbottle-Crace and Son, Wigmore Street, htnise-decomtors- Copeland and Co. Chester, grocers--Blakeley and Taylor, Little Bolton, waste- dealers-Selby and Co. West Mailing, enemies; as far as regards T. Selby jun.- Moyesi, Brothers, London, merchants-Bayley and Staveley, Birmingham, fruit- erers-Mihier and Co. Cannon Street, tobacco-manufacturers.

B.nuuterre.Witittsu Woons, Prospect Place, Wandsworth Road, builder, to surrender Aug. 10, Sept. 6: eifficitors, Wilkinson and Co. Nicholas Lane; official as- Cannen, Birclun Lane-Recnmt BROOKS, Regent Street, picture-dealer, Aug. a, Sept. 7 : solicitors, Carlow and Haynes Palace Chambers St. James 'Street ; offi- cial. assignee', .Eetusell, Guildhall Charoliere-Gsi.x. Fess-moot), Sheffield, draper, Aug. 7,-Sent. 7 : -solicitor, Jones, Sise Lane; official assignee, Fennel, Guildhall Chambers-Thomas Tinserr, corn-facter, Aug. 5, Sept. 7: solicitors, Ab-- bon end Whatley. Southampton Buildings; Miller and .Son, Norwich ; official as- signee, Pennell, Gnildhall •Chambebi--‘TI0MA3 TAPPEYDEN, • Friendly Place, Old Kent Road, tailor, Aug. 5, Sept. 7: solicitor, Foord, Pinners' Hall ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Dsvm CLEMENT, Neath, saddler, Aug. 12; Sept. 11: solicitors, Sewell, Old Broad Street ; Whittington and Gribble, Bristol; official as- signee, Hutton, Bristol-Joxfamax THOMPSON, Wigton, grocer, Aug. -8, Sept. 13: solicitors, Lazenby, Wigton; Iugledew and Daggett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee ,' Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Ems", MAY, West Camel, Somersetslure, miller,-Ang.- 7, 'Sept 4 sidiators, Newman and Lyon, Yeovil ; Stegdon, Exeter; official assignee, Hernaman, Exeter. "Divintweie.--Aug. 23, Greenhill, Great Dover Street, flour-dealer-Aug. 23, Eve- rett, High Holborn, hydrauliceng,ineer-Aug. 20, Ellison, Stainsbury Road, Poplar,

builder. '

CRaTipICATES.—To be granted, unless cause Sc shown to the contrary, on tlairday of tneeting.tig;.,12 ' Themeloe, High Street, Poplar, grocer-Aug. 22, Kaye, Bridge how 'Wharf, Pimlico, coal-merchant-Aug. 21, Beading, Shepherdess Walk, City Road, victualler-Aug. 21, Scholefieldi Clare, Suffolk, chemist-Aug. 22, Hayhurst, Liverpool, coach-proPrietor--Aug. 27, Johnson, Liverpool, coal-merchant-Aug. 26, and J. Croseley; 'Bangor, Wine-merchants-Aug. 23, Holroyd, Dalton, cotton-

dyer-Aug. 22, Jarvis, Leeds, wool-merchant. • '

DECLAKATRYN8 or Dlyinemas.-Gibson, York, innkeeper ; first div. of 2s. 6d. any day after July 31; Young Leeds-Christie, Vauxhall Walk, timber-merchant; first dir, of is. 34.any Wedn-esday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-White, Sunderland, merchant ; first div. of Ild. Aug. 3, or any subsequent Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle- uponsTYne,Litsby, PiesMn, hatter; -first die. of ls. any Tuesday ; Hobson, Man- chester-Dixon, Manchester, ironmonger; first div,of 2s. Id. any Tuesday; Hobson, Manchester-Bowles and Co. Salisbury, bankers; final div. of hd. Aug. 1, 8; Stens-

LEM, Pasizighall Street.: .

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATION.—Nelson, Edinburgh, poulterer, Aug. 2, 30.

ay, August 3.

..Peartizusares lisssouree.--Sehilizzi and Co. Liverpool, shipping-agents-Clarke and Bedford, Frith Street, bookbinders-Capel and Co. 1Vhdefriars, coal-mer- chants; as far as regards T. S. Capel- Cox and Jarvis, Birmingham, iron-iner- chants-Henty and El,eomb„ Milton-next-Gravesend, smiths-Shaw and Mitchell, Bradford, .Yorkshire, worsted-spinners-G., J., and G. Smith, Man'chester, silk- manufacturers-T. and S. Hobbs, Ware, grocers-Spencer. and Hallett, Hull, ship-builderif--Eisamders and Go. Liverpool, conimission-merchants-Tully and Co. Rio de Janeiro commission-merchants • as far as regards E. T. Lott-Bowring and Gleamy, Loniliiird- Street, hosierce, Lillie and Sons, Manchester, millwrights=Col- bourne and Marygold, Mount Pleasant; Staffordshire. grocers-Bradley and John- stone, Sheffield, coach-builders-Parkes and Bind, Warn, auctioneers-J. M. and R. Farr, DOneastsc,ironinceigers-74. and C. Woolner, Mark Lane, corn-factors- Beard and Petschler, Stony Knells, Lancashire, schoolmasters-Wilkie and Crokat, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street; inerehante-Cutinnings and Spencer, Lambton Bonn- derv, Durham, grocers-The Western Bank of Scotland ; as far as regards H. Eccles ---TheAberdeen Steam Navigation Company, the Stonehaven Gas Company, and the City of Glasgow Bank ; as fer as regards J. Milne. Deer-sumo-3 OF licsotreeer.-Jons VEAL* Bows, Bodmin, builder. BANKRHPIE.—JOHN ALE PEASEGOOD, (and-not GALE PBASEGOOD, as before adver- tised,-) Sheffield, draper, to surrender Aug. 7, Sept. 7: solicitor, Jones, Elise Lane; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers--Cimexas NEWTON, Wivenhoe, Essex, toiler, Aug.10, Sept. 9: solicitors, M`Leod and Stenning, London Street; official aefignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Be:mune HOMAN', Westbourne Terrace, builder, Aug. 12, Sept. 9: solicitor, Burman, Lincoln's Inn; official assignee, Pen- nell, Guildhall Chambers-EDWARD IPLEon, Haberdasher's Street, Hoxton, brewer, A'ug. 15, Sept. 5; solicitor, Lloyd, Milk Street; official assignee, Johnson, Basing- Street-ions Hsinssa, Huddersfield, cloth-dresser, Aug. 16, Sept. 13: Bona- toe, Booth; Leeds; official assignee, Young, Leeds-Joan APPLEBY, Durham, out- laS-, Aug. 14, Sept. 26:- solicitors, Crosby and Compton, Church Court, Old Jewry; Neiveastle-upon-'1yne ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Divmeams.-Aug. 23, W., W., and .1. Burridge, Portsmouth, bankers-Aug. 23, -Underhill, Chelsea, builder--Aug. 21, Bmding., Shepherdess Walk, victualler-Aug.

23, Chisholm; Ludgate Hill, perfumer-Sept. 26, Jefferies, Worcester, boat-builder- Sept. 2, Glover, Tetbiiry, Gloucestershire, hatter.

Cenerriesri8.-7b be gratited, unleu cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-Aug. 24, Pyrke, Notting Hill, bookseller-Aug. 24, Dart and Brown, Bed- ford Street, Covent Garden, coach-lace-manufacturers-Aug.. 28, Awford, Stroud, tilealinan-Aug. 28, James, Llangattock, Breconshire provision-dealer-Aug. 26, Scott, Liverpool; wine-merchant-Aug. 26, Harrop, klacclesfield, silk-dyer-Aug. 24, Beaumont•Rotherham, Yorkshire, grocer-Aug. 29, White, Dudley, innkeeper. -Dect.snarroars OF Divromins.-Cough, Altrincham, Cheshire, ironmonger; first die.. of Is. 24. Aug. 6th, and every subsequent Tuesday; Hobson, Manchester- Longliettom and Bentley, Rochdale, wool-merchants ; second die, of 81d. Aug. 6th, and every subsequent Tuesday; Hobson, Manchester-J. and H. Bray, Mark Lane, wine-merchants ; fourth div. of 2d. Wednesday next and three subsequent Wednes- days; Graham, Colemsua Street-Gibbs, Oxford, grocer ; second div. of 20. Wednes- day fleit and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Graham, Coleman Street-Dicken, Brentford End, grocer ; second div. of 4s. 104. Wednesday next and three subse- titent Wednesdays ; Graham, Coleman Street-Slaney, Wellington Place, Hackney, cabinet-maker; first div. of 2s. 84. Wednesday next and three subsequent Wednes- days; Coleman Street--Wright. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-broker; first dir. Is. (part: of first die. of Is. dd. previously declared,) to those creditors who have proved their debts since Dec. 1, 1840, 3c1 Aug. or any subsequent Saturday; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Fox, West Cornforth, colliery-owner; second die. of Id. and 9-16the of a penny, on the separate estate, on the 3d Aug. or any subsequent Satur- day; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne--Clem entson, Whitehaven, tobacconist ; second and final div. of Is. 74. and 9-lithe of a penny, 3d Aug. or any subsequent Saturday; Wakley, NeWeastle-on-Tyne--Watson, Sunderland„ grocer ; first div. 5s. 64. 3d Aug. or any subsequent Saturday ;;Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Wright, Derby, cheese- factor ; second div. of 4s. 94. any Thursday after October 6; Whitmore, Birmingham.

Scormi Sucimarrnsriox.-5PDonald, Dunfermline, merchant, Aug. 7, 28.