31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 6

The Morning Herald which was the first to publish the

diplomatic notes between Lord Palmerston and AL Thiers, gives the following copy of a despatch addressed to Lord Ponsonby by the Secretary for Foreign A ffairs- " My Lord—Her Majesty's Government having taken into consideration the act by which the Sultan deprived Mehemet Ali of the Pashafic of Egypt, the bearing S of that act upon the present state of pending questions, and the course which it may be expedient to take thereupon, have invited the represen- tatives of Austria, Prussia, and Russia at their court, to submit to their re- spective Governments that undoubtedly there is much force in the reasons which, according to your Excellency's reports, induced the Sultan to take this step, and that while, on the one hand, this measure in no degree prevents the Sultan from reinstating Mehemet Ali, if he should speedily make his submis- sion to his sovereign, on the other hand it may operate as a powerful instru- ment of moral coercion upon Mehemet Ali, by making him aware that, if the contest between him and his sovereign should be prolonged, and if the issue of that contest should be unfavourable to him, he might lose every thing by his too obstinate resistance.

" That in this view, and in order to make the recent exercise of the sove- reign authority of the Sultan useful towards effecting an early and satisfactory settlement of pending questions, it is the opinion of her Majesty's Government that it would be expedient that the representatives of the Four Powers at Con- stantinople should be instructed to proceed to the Turkish Minister, and state to him that their respective Govermnents, in pursuance of the stipulations of the seventh article of the separate act annexed to the Treaty of the 16th July, bee' strongly to recommend to the Sultan, that if Mehemet All should at an early period make his submission to the Sultan, and should agree to restore the Turkish fleet and to withdraw his troops from Syria, from Adana, Candia, and the Iloly cities, the Sultan should not only reinstate Mehemet Ali as Pasha of Egypt, but should also give him an hereditary tenure in that Pashalic, accord- big to the conditions specified in the Treaty of July, and liable, of course, to forfeiture by any infraction of those conditions on the part of Mehemet Ali or his successors.

" Iler Majesty's Government have reason to hope that this suggestion will meet the concurrence of the Govemments of Austria, Prussia, and Russia, and your Excellency will accordingly take the steps pointed out in this de- spatch as soon as your colleagues shall have received corresponding insteuc- tions.

'II the Sultan should consent to act upon this advice tendered to hint hy his Four Allies, it would be expedient that he should take immediate steps for making his gracious intentions in this respect known to Mehemet Ali, and your Excellency and Sir Robert Stopford should afford the Turkish Govern- ment every facility which they may require for this purpose.

" London October 15.

"To Lis Excellency Lord Ponsonby, at Constantinople."