31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 5

The interment of the remaias of the late Lord Holland

took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, at the parhb,eharelt of Melbrolte, near Anapthill. Bedforlshire. The funereal cavalcade, which left Holland House, Kensington, at seven o'clock on the morning of Tuesday, reached Luton, in Bedfordshire, the same evening ; where it halted ftir the night. On M'ednes:ley moreiegt at on early hoar, it again pro- ceeded on its route, and areneel ahnit nine o'clock at Ampthill ; the houses and shops in which to.eit were, as a mark of respect to the me- mory of the deceased, kept heal thr: eahont the day. Shortly before two o'clock, t:ee eorti...; moved fr us Ampthill Park. The first mourning-coach eo,mtainel Colonel Foe, (the late Lord's eldest son,) Lord Lilford, (his Lordship's son- in-law,) the Duke of Leinster, and Mr. Allen, M.D., a Ii r meny years hes been resi- dent medical attendant at liotlaad Ileuse the seeond contained the Marquis of Kildare, son of the Duke of Leinster. the Bishop of Chi- chester, Colonel Webster, and :qr. Chsrles Howard ; third, the Earl of Arran, Mr. DilWeS Danvers, (nephew of Col mei Webster.) Mr. V.

S.aith, and Mr. Fitzpatrick: fourth, the Bev ,rend ;ere Rector of Melbroke, Mr. S‘volliAd, anent at Ata;.:bill, . rianay,

house-steward at Kensine•ton, and Mr. E.!:;:ar, hi, anti

the valet, both of whom accompanied t e ri •

Behind the moarningscoaches the tenantry , ;Y.; ii•i .1 two.

The burial-service was read by Mr. reel ' Tae cattle was deposited in a new brick grave, which : it ia the enaneel closely adjoieing to that of the late L red's was buried on time 7th November 1519.