2 FEBRUARY 1850, Page 10



Consols have fluctuated between 951 and 961, and the general aspect of -the market has been heavy. The lowest quotation occurred today, when sonic large deliveries of Stock for Money took place : there was a reaction before the close of business, the decline in price having brought forward some influential buyers, and the closing quotations are 96f for Money and 966 1 for Account. The large capitalists are evidently selling Stock ; but the low rate at which money is obtainable induces speculators to hold for higher prices. In the Foreign Market, Peruvian Bonds have still been in demand ; the Active Stock having reached 75f, and the Deferred ranging between 291 and 301. Considerable business occurred in Russian Four-and-a-half per Cent Scrip; which at the beginning of the week reached 4 premium, but has since de- clined, and, after being today at 24, closes about 3 premium. Some orders for purchase were received from Holland on Monday ; but this demand was of short duration and seems to have entirely ceased. The transactions in Russian Five per Cents and Dutch Stock have been insignificant : the prices of these are nominally lower today, on account of the decline of Consols,

holder will receive Three per Cent Stock at par. Some little business has occurred in the Stock of the Danish Five per Cent Loan, at prices slightly above par. Mexican Bonds have not experienced No progress appears to have been made in the seftlement of the dispute be- tween the agents of the Mexican Government and Messrs. Schneider and

liquidated arrears of the dividend of January 1847 may be expected. Por- tuguese Bonds have been steady, and a Wing demand has occurred for them. The dividend upon this Slack, due-on the 1st July. 1848, is now in course of payment at the Financial Agency in London Wall. A deduction

are generally about the same as last week. much fluctuation ; the range of variation not having exceeded f per Cent. Co. ; and no intimation has been given as to when the payment of the an- of 25 per cent will be made from the amount of the Coupon, for which the Nothing material has occurred in the Railway Share Market, and prices


The English Funds are slightly firmer ; Since the opening of business Con- sols have fluctuated between buyers and sellers at 961, and the price is now 961 1 for Money and 961 for Account. There is no change of importance in the Foreign Funds. Russian Scrip is 3* premium. The business in Railway Shares has as yet been confined to the following—Caledonian, 12; Great Western, 607; Brighton Guaranteed 6 per Cent, 135; Midland,

44 44. SATURDAY Two &Croce. The English Funds close rather lower ; Consols for Money at 966, and for Account 961 1. The business has been unimportant. Peruvian Bonds have formed the chief attraction in the Foreign Market. At the commencement of business this Stock was heavy, and the price declined to 73f ; but _some large purchases have since occurred, and the quotation has again reached and closes at 75. The following are the principal transactions recorded. Foreign Bonds—Buenos Ayres, 54 55; Cuba Bonds, 98; Danish Five per Cents, 100; Equador' q • Greek, 1825 ox ex all Coupons, 61 i; Mexican-, 296 1 ; Peru- vian? 754 f 76 ; Deferred 291hf 1 1 30; Portuguese Four per Cents, 351 ex dividend ; • Four-mid-a- olf per Cent Scrip 3f 3 premium • Spanish Active, 19; Spanish Three per Cents, 37; French Five per Cents Rentes, 69.50; Exchange, 25.45; Dutch Four per Cents, 861. Mines—Australian, 51 ; St. John del Rey, 14' United Mexican, 5. Banks—British North America, 401; London and 'Westminster, 251 ex dividend; National of Ire- land, 18. The Railway Share Market is heavy: the principal transactions recorded are the following—Birmingham and Oxford Junction, without a guarantee, 24; Ctiledonian, 111 1 f ; Ditte Preference, 7f ; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 27; Great Northern, 7; Great Western, 68 6f 7 ; Ditto Quarter-shares, 15I 16} ; Ditto Fifths, 14; Lancaster and Carlisle, 50; Lancashire and Yorkshire Fifths, 2f 1 ; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 824 3; London and North- western, liSt 161; London and South-western, 67j; Midland, 44 4 ; North Staffordshire, 76 7; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 161 1; York and North Mialand Preference, 5*; Boulogne and Amiens, 71 f ; Rouen and Havre, 10. 3 per Cent Consols 96 Danish 3 per Cents 72 4 3 per Cent Reduced 96 I Ditto 4 Dutch 21 per Cents 51 96 I . 5

Ditto for Account

per Cents 86 7

31 per Cents 98 Mexican 5 per Cents 1846... 291 Long Annuities 81 11-16 Peruvian 6 per Cents 74 75 Bank Stock 206 8 Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842. 35 6 ex (I. Exchequer Bills 58 60 pin. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 82 4 India Stock 266 8 Russian 5 per Cents 109 111 Brazilian 5 per Cents 88 90 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents. 181 191

Belgian 41 per Cents 89 91 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 ssf -7*

Chilian 6 per Cents 100 2 Venezuela 33 5 Danish 5 per Cents 99 101