26 JULY 1940, Page 14

suppose the difficulties which arose in connexion with the evacuation

under the Government's Scheme for the Children's 0'.`er", seas Evacuation could be overcome by entrusting the International Re° Cross Society with the execution of this scheme.

I can imagine that ships flying the Red Cross flag and sailing fulil illuminated could proceed safely to and fro. On their voyage back they would of course carry no cargo and no passengers except the accompanying staff of nurses, &c.—Yours faithfully, G. H.

Six,—In your "News of the Week" of your issue of July 12th under the heading "Children for Overseas," you write: "There would be little risk, for even the Nazis can hardly want to torpedo children'under sixteen." If you will glance at The Nineteenth Century of June last you will see that "Twenty little boy scouts from twelve to sixteen years of age, were set up in the market place against a wall and shot. No reason was given. A devoted priest who rushed to administer the Last Sacrament was shot too." Is it not yet understood in this bountri what the Germans are? A FORMER GERMAN PRISONER OF WAR.