26 FEBRUARY 1921, Page 2

The Bolsheviks lave once more shown their • contempt for

" self-determination." Bolshevik armies last week invaded Georgia and advanced towards Tiflis. The Georgian Govern- ment have had to leave the capital and retire to Batum. Now we are assured by Mr. Ramsay MacDonald; the Labour -candidate for- Woolwich; 'that Georgia is a Socialist' Republic, in Which co-operative institutions have been Set up. Fuitherniore,

Georgia has not injured Bolshevik Russia in It will

interesting to see lio*- the "Labour friends "Of the Bolsheviks will excuse them for Starting this unprovoked "war against a peaceful not-Rnaslan. people. 'The Allies recognised the inde- pendence of Georgia last Month ; the-Bolahevilts" want to show that the Allies' writ does not -run in-the Caucasus. It is teporied that,' when • the :Amman Bolshbvik forces had gone,to help their Russian friends in'Gtaitgia, the Arnienian patriots regained volliage and upset' the " Red " Government at Erivan.