20 APRIL 1850, Page 18



The latter part of this week has been as prolific as any week of the season. Of the higher order of publications some are obviously for future.netice ; as Mr. Muse's "History of the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece," Mr. Townsend's "Modern State Trials," General,

"War in Hungary." Some of the others, that both look promising ant display merit, are less certain. Dr. Copland's book on Patsy and. Apoplexy is as much an extended and revised edition as a new work; a portion having been published many years ago, in the author's Dictionary of Practicer Modicum; and. other parts in the Cronian Lec- tures delivered before the College of Physicians in 1846 and 1847: Mr. Kent's " Ahitheia." is on an ambitious theme, and the subjects of the smeller poems are less haeknied than_ usual. Two of the novele, "-Sir Arthur Bouverie " and "The Younger Sister," indiosta observation of common, life, some power of depioting-common. character, and possess an tweeable style : they are likely to furnish pleasant entertainment to the mass of readers, though perhaps not equal to the requirements of exit& clam. "Past, Present, and Future," seems a more smartly-written and ambitious production—more in the way of Bulwer's fashionable novels and_ Mrs. Gore. The "-Fourth Estate" seems a gossipy collection of newspaper history, from the age of the old manuscript "news-writers," with a variety of anecdotes of an apocryphal character. Mr. LaingS Notes, an early arrival, are disposed of at length.

A Critical Hiatary of the Lanmtage and Literature of Ancient Gram.. By William. Mare, of CaldweR In three volumes.

Modern State Trials. Revised snL Illustrated, with Essays and Notes. By William C. Townsend, Esq., M.A., Q.C., Recorder of Macclesfield. In two volumes.

Memoirs of the- War- of Independence in Iftmgary. By General'. Elapka, late Seere r..y-at-Witr to the- Hungarian- Commonwealth, &c. TnInslated from. the- Original Manuscript by Otto Wenckstem: V.olume I.

Of the Causal, _Nature, and' Treatment of _Palsy and Apoplexy : of the; Forms, Seats, Complications,. and Morbid Relations. of Paralytic and Apoplectic Diseases. By James Copland, MD., FRS.

Aletheia, or the DOOM, of Mythology ;- with other ROMS. By William- Charles Kent

Sir Arthur Boucerie ; a Novel. By tho Author of "Lady Grimacer& Nieces." In three volumes.

The Younger dieter; a Novel.. By Mrs..Hubback.. In three volumes. Past, Present, and Future. In two volumes. The Fourth. Estate : Contribution's towards a History of Newspapers and. the Liberty of the Press. By-F. Knight Hunt. In two volumes.

Observations on the Social and lialiticat State of the European Jbo,pla in 1848 and 1849; being the Second Seriesof the Notesof a_Trav By Samuel Laing, Esq., Author of "A Journal of a Residence in Norway.," &c.

Inquiry into the Nature and Application of Perspective and Fore- shortening ; with sview to afford guiding principles in these branches of art. By H. Twining, Esq.

[This..ssleme is a species of sequel or continuation- of the section on Per- spective in the author's "Philosophy of Painting," and is intended. to ex- pound: his maturer views, cm_ the science: His fast- object in this publication is to " afford an insight into the nature. of perspective by defining.the ratio of direct perspective diminution, and by connecting this influence with the- relations- which the surfaces of objects, with their acccanping boundary- lines, bear to-ane another in. space. His aim in the second place. has been to prove mathematically, the possibility of rendering point for paint, line for line, on a plane sutface the apparent forms of object:shaving a definite positicar in. nature. And thirdly- that this, mathematical precision, though of a comparatively easy attainment when the observer's position and the pro- visions of the' painter- are mutually adapted to each other, becomes not only difficrult, but impossible- and useless, under. those circumstances of change which are usually. and to a greater or less degree inseparably connected with the inspection of pictures." The author's style is rather peculiar, and we think he overrates the formal effect upon the mind that a merely technical study of perspective is likely to produce-; but the book contains some hints and suggestions that an intelligent reader can turn. to ac- count, apart from the theory of the author.]

A Devotional Exposition of the Book-of Psalms ; containing an Scriptures in. words at length, By the Reverend. J. Edwards, M.A.,.

Argu- ment to each Realm, a Paraphrase, Suggestive Remarks, and

Second Master Km& Col ge, London, le.

[The- object of Mr. Edwards in. this edition of the Psalms, is to furnish a practical aid to devotion. With that purpose, he gives an expositional intro- duction of the circumstances under which each psalm was writteni. ite au- thor, and a sketch of its arguments. One marginal column_ contains pea- sages from Scripture expressing sentiments similar to the text; another suggestive remarks by the compiler. The Psalms themselves oonaist of the. authorized version printed in_Italics, and a_ connecting-paraphrase printed in Roman. The effect of this is-to mar the utility of the book. A pernaneviar slightly accustomed to the language of the Psalms is completely at, lose. If he read consecutively; he finds the effect of the sacred composition alto- gether. evaporate. If he attempt to pick out the Psalms from the. words. in which they are embedded, ham in a puzzled state,—a frame of mind not, favourable to devotion.] An Encyclopedia of Gardening; comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture; Floriculture, Arbormult-ure, and Landscape Garden- ing; including all the latest Improvements ; a General Ifistory of Gardening in countries;, and. a„ Statistical View of its Present State; with.Suggestions for its-Future Progress in the British Isles, By J. C. Loudon, F.L.S.,. U.S., &c., Illustrated with many hundred, Engravings on Wood, by Brandon. A new edition, corrected. and improved by Mrs. Louden.

[Me. Loudon has made no change in the plan of this new edition of the' standard work of her late husband, but considerable alterations-or extensions in the- execution. The history of gardening, forming the first part, hatt been, revised, and brought down to the present time. The second part, con- taining the science of gardening, has- been completely rewritten, with the aid 'Of some of' the most eminent professors in their respective sciences, as of Ansted in geology. In "gardening as an art and' as practised in Britain,"' Mrs. Loudon has received assistanoe from various eminent practical men : "the subject of landscape gardening has been considerably enlarged; nu- merous wood-cuts have been added ; and in short, no pains have been spared to.render this edition as perfect as possible;"] The Law reating to Transactions on the Stock Fa,change. By Henry Keyser, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-law.

[A compact exposition of the law-relating to the Funds and the Stook- En- change, useful alike to the public and the practitioner. It alto contains an historical sketch of the funding system, and an account of the various Stocks and the persons who deal in them, as well as of their modes of doing busi- ness. The legal portion will' afford- some useful hints to trustees, and. the account of the practice of the Stock Exchange some information even to per- sona who believe they are informed upon: the subject]

Some Account of the Ancient Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms., By James Bunco Curling, Clerk of the Cheque.

[As full an antiquarian history of this ancient corps as the imperfect recorda of the body will supply, blended with_ gossip, and biographical notices of some of the distinguished men who belonged, to what used tube called Gen.- demen Pensioners but now Gentlemen-at-Arms.]

A Queer Book. By the Reverend H. Wickenden, B.A., beat known ill. the East as Gherei the Anglo-Circassian, and i the West-as the Bard of the Forest;, Author of "The Rustic's Lay," &c. [I queer book indeed! One of its three divisions contains an account of some adventures in London, when the-writer had been robbed of the little ha had, started with in search of fortune in. town ; another section describes some adventures in Portugal and Spain during the last civil wars ; in. a third. there are alot of papers about animals.] First Class-Book of Physical Geography. By William Mind, Author of "Elements of Geology and Physical Geography," &c.

JThe large and intelligent mode of looking at geography, of which within a brief time we have had, so many examples, has now reaehedthe juvenile class. This little publication may be used with children of ten years old; the in- formation being a text for the teacher to expand, and illustrate by larger maps.] Progressive Lessons in Social- Science ; intended for the Assistance of Teachers and the Conductors of "Discussion and. Mutual Improvement Classes, &c. 13y the Author of 'the " Outlines of Social Economy." [Many subjects in political economy And the arts of living reduced to their elements an the fornrof questions, By whielt, with the aid of a tescher . the pupil may- acquire a knowledge of the matter in hand, and re- fute the fallacies, withal

Rip Van Wink& ;. a Posthumoin Writing of Diedrich Knickerbocker.

By.Waehingtort- Illiestrated with sixBtelain' gs on Steel, by ries Simms, from Drawings by Felix Barley, New York. jr ornamental edition-of this celebrated story, put forth.bLMr. Cundall to intrnduce.Feliic Darley'sillustrationstothe Biabsh. public; The general idea seems to have been borrowed from, Ref:wife 'Outlines; but the execution is spirited and characteristic, and. the story. of each pictuA well told.) Practical Horsemanship. By Harry Hieover, Author of "The Pocket and the Stud," &e.

[Alseries' of Marry lawyer's essays on horses and riding,, designed, as the titleintimatek for.' the inforthatron of that-portion of the public who only Rijn at common horsemanship; but' who wish to do welIwhat they attempt to do.] A riaa to Sherwood /brat; inelbdibg the Abbeys of Newsteati,. "La- ford, and Welbeck,.&e.

deseriptiveleide-book to the 'town of ranafield and its neighbourhood, nettle form.of letter.' ' My Old Pupils: By•the Authonaf "My School-boy Days," &c. Pleasant _Pastime ; or Drassingroom Dramas,.for.Private Representation _ by the Young- [Two pretty children's books.]

The Adventures of Oliver Twist:. By Charles Dickens. With a Fron- tispiece- by George Cruiksliank.

• Vandyck, a Play of Genoa. By Alfred' Bate Richards, Author of "Creams

/rang of hkei


Lithographed' Portrait of 'John Hullah. By T. H. Maguire. [A-capital likeness. It presents a view of the face familiar to many—the thoughtful, active, hopelld countenance, the gayety not untempaed by a dash of mehmeholy precisely the countenance to conciliate, cheer, and eammand.j PAmetturrs.

Latter-Day-Painplaate Edited lay Thomas Carlyle. No. IV. The New Downing Street Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter. A Letter to Sir Walter Farquhar Bart.,. on the Present Crisis in the Church. By Walter Farquhar Hook, D.D., Vicar of Leeds.. Hungary; its Constitution and Catastrophe. By Corvinus.

The Vices of Viceroyalty; or tile- Present F01711 of Government in Ire- land- Considered.

On the Clalin to the Islands C'ervi and-Sapienza. By William Mar- tin Leake, F.R.S.

A Business View of ay Greek Question, &e. By a Greek Merchant. Ionian Isknds—Cophaknia, &o. By an Ionian. A Letter to the Electors of Westminster. From an Aristocrat. • Steam Postal ktercourse and Traffic with the Americas and Austral- asia, &e. (Re' printed, with corrections, from the "Colonial Maga- zine " for April 1850.)

-Road Progress ; or Amalgamation of Railways and Highways for Agri- cultural Improvement and Steam Farming, in Great Britain and the Colonies. /Use, Practical Economy in Fixed 'Plant and Rolling Stook for- Passenger and Goode Trains. By William Bridges Adams, Eia- gineer, &c. _Practical Obeervations, and Researches as. restilation and Disinfection, &c.. By John Murray, Ph.D., &c. A Letter to Lord Chancellor Cottenham upon the Bill to give Primary Jurisdietion•to the _Masters in Ordinary of the High Court of Chan- eery in Certain Cases. By William Brougham, Esq., one of the Mas- ters- of the. Court.

A Second Letter, to the _gtrr of Ellesmere, on the ,Ilanagement of the Library•of Printed 13Ooks in the British Mtweum.

The IndustriaLahibition of 1851.