17 MARCH 1855, Page 7


Viscount Duncan met with no opposition in Forfarshire : he was re- elected on Saturday, on the nomination of Mr. Lindsay Carnegie, se- conded by Mr. D. Drimmie.

The sailmakers of Glasgow have followed the example of those of Greenock and have "struck," in an endeavour to restrict the masters in the number of apprentices—the men' say there shall be only three to each . factory. The employers are about to offer a reward for a sewing-machine to supersede their refractory hands.

Two women have been sent to prison for entering upon the lands of Pet- cundrum, on the Panmure estate, with a dog and nets for entrapping game. It was contended that they could not be punished under the statute as the act only speaks of" he" and " himself ' : but the Sheriff held that the words "any person," in the leading enactment, made females liable.