15 SEPTEMBER 1855, Page 8

The Emperor of the French, with much military display and

ceremo. monis' observance, attended at the " Te Denm' at Notre Dame on Thursday. The streets were lined with National Guards. A grand military escort preceded and followed the carriages of the Imperial pro- cession. At the porch of the cathedral, the Emperor was received by the Archbishop of Paris, who presented him with holy water and incense and

made a congratulatory speech. To this the Emperor replied—" I come here, Monseigneur, to thank Heaven for the triumph it has granted to our arms ; 'for I must acknowledge that, despite the skill of generals and the courage of soldiers, nothing can succeed without the protection of Providence." The church was decorated ; and conspicuously displayed were the flags of France, England, Turkey, and Piedmont. For a few moments the Emperor knelt alone at the altar ; when he had assumed his seat the Archbishop performed the thanksgiving service. Among those present were Abd-el-Kader and his suite, who all seemed not the least devout of worshipers, The Emperor returned to the Tuileries in the same state. The weather was brilliantly fine, and all Paris kept the fête : it closed with illuminations in the evening.

General Canrobert has declined the offer of a Marshal's baton, on the plea that his acceptance would diminish the glory of Marshal Pelissier. Marshal Pelissier has informed the Minister of War that the number of French wounded amounts to 4500, including 240 officers. The num- ber killed he had not ascertained, but his estimate is "one-third of the number wounded."

It was yesterday reported in Paris that " 25,000 men had embarked at Balaklava for the North of Sebastopol."

The Times correspondent in Paris states that the Russians abandoned 1200 guns in Sebastopol.

The Duchess of Genoa has sent 1000 francs to the Committee for the Piedmontese Army in the Crimea.

The Pienumte states that the Neapolitan Government has apologized to the British Government.