15 SEPTEMBER 1855, Page 8



The London Gazette of last night contained the following prompt tele- graphic address from the Queen to General Simpson, through the Minister of War.

" War Department, Sept. 12.—The Queen has received with deep emo- tion the welcome intelligence of the fall of Sebaatopol. " Penetrated with profound gratitude to the Almighty, who has vouch. safed this triumph to the Allied Army, her Majesty has commanded me to express to yourself, and through you to the Army, the pride with which she regards this fresh instance of their heroism. " The Queen congratulates her troops on the triumphant issue of this protracted siege ; and thanks them for the cheerfulness and fortitude with which they have encountered its toils, and the valour which has led to its termination.

" The Queen deeply laments that this success is not without its alloy in the heavy losses which have been sustained ; and, while she rejoices victory, her Majesty deeply sympathizes with the noble sufferers in

country's cause. - -

" You will be pleased to congratulate General Pelissier, in her Majesty's name, upon the brilliant result of the assault on the Malakoff; which proves the irresistible force as well as indomitable courage of our brave Allies.

" Permtrits."