14 AUGUST 1880, Page 21

Dogma, Doubt, and Duty : a Poem, in Fire Cantos.

By C. Hoare (Aston and Mander.)—We protest against this book being described as " a poem." It is not so much as versification. If it was, wo should say (as Pope, we believe, said to Wychorloy), the thoughts would be better without the verse, at least they would be a little more intel- ligible. But such as they seem to be, they are hardly worth publish- ing. They are the thoughts of an enthusiastic Darwinian on "dogmas disputed, doubts defended, and duties defined." There is a feeble attempt throughout tho book to make a dismal sort of fan out of the Bible, especially the Books of Moses. Science has over- turned it all, and covered it with confusion, and of Science the great Mr. Darwin is the most eminent representative. So our author bursts out into rapture about his work :-

" Humanity is raised by what you've done ; Before, all life seemed tainted at its fount ;

Now, none can guess bow high man's mind may mount."

Why should Mr. Darwin, as well as Moses, be made ridicalous ? This one specimen, we think, will suffice of the author's thoughts, and of the poetry in which they are clothed.