12 AUGUST 1882, Page 1

Lord Lymington subsequently proposed to limit the time during which

the value of the tenant-right shall be charged with the landlord's arrears to three years, instead of seven,—a very great improvement, as we think, on the Government pro- posal. And it was supported by no fewer than 83 votes, but as the Government held themselves pledged to resist it, it was re- jected, by a majority of 114 (197 to 83). An amendment, moved by Mr. Healy, exempting tenants of holdings valued under £15 from the application of the Lords' amendment, received 73 votes, against 135 (majority, 62). This amendment, too, in our mind, was a good one, and deserved success. But, of course, the Government could not recede from a compromise which they had once formally offered. On the whole, the Tories were well beaten, and were not, apparently, very sorry to be well beaten. They were, apparently, eager for an excuse for the surrender of the Peers.