10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 6

The commencement of hostilities in the East, by the taking

of Bey- rout, occasioned a great sensation in Paris. The Gazelle de France states that several Cabinet Councils have been held; and that M. Thiess proposed that the bombardment of Beyrout should be met by a measure of war; but that his proposition was absolutely ap• posed. This account is corroborated by the Quote/icime, which states that two Cabinet Councils were held on Sunday, at which the King presided; and that M. Thiess proposed either that the Dardanelles should be forced, and the nrrival of the Russians resisted, or that Ibra- him Pasha should he supported, mid the blockade of Alexandria forced. M. Thiess, this journal adds, meeting with an invincible opposition from a high quarter, spoke of retiring. The Prcsse observes, that the state-

fflent of the Quolidicnne is not perfectly correct. It admits, hawever, that M. Thiers proposed hostile measures, mid that the Cabinet was opposed to him. He then demanded that a canny belli should be defined, and that the interference of France should be resolved on in case of an attack on the Southern coast of Syria. This demand, says the Proem., was not acceded to.

Another Cabinet Council was held on Tuesday, at which the propo- sition. of an ultimatum to the Four Powers was again considered. A Paris correspondent of the Morning Chronicle says the Council did not collie to a definite resolution—" It was agreed all hands that a note or ultimatum, were it drawn up, could not demand less than the aban- donment by the Powers of Mehemet Ali's di:Tibial:ice, and could not declare less than that war should ensue if Egypt were attacked." The same writer adds—" Some of the 31inisters did not shrink from the eventuality of war ; but the Ministers of Wer awl of Afarine were not of this opinion. They expressed doubts of the ability of the French Navy to cope with that of the rest of Europe ; and the War Minister declared that the aml,000 French troops now under arms were not suffieicat to make an impression upon Europe, or to Lee and carry war upon every point. The result was, that a Council of Ministers was summoned to take place on Wednes- day, at M. Thiers's country house at Auteuil; after which, the Ministers were to proceed to the Tuileries, and hold another Ct.:neck 'Li the pre- sence of the King."

At the Cabinet Council on Tuesday, it was agreed to eonvolw the Chatelegs for the 28th instant. The Ministers having reised all the nten and money. they are authorized to do, legislative sanetioe is tetees- sary in order to call to arms, by anticipation, the class of 1.-4o. wiecli would Ifirnielt S0,000 men, and to einhotly the National Guard., \11:ieli would supply e00,000 to man the froutier ;eve isons.

The news of the convocation of the CheolLers produced a new panic at Tortoni':; on Wednesday. " Thegt.nera ile

l rainaurs and lee were, that 31. Thiers had pressed the Kiug to r■.11::Clit to take teeeedtres tan- tamount to a declaration of war: that his Mejcsty would only, in the absence of the Chambers, agree to a sir r n.Itic:t.entation to the Your Powers, the reply to Achich could hardly te cepeeted before the lapse of three weeks; and that the Chambers should in the meanie life he coat- yokel for the end of that period, when the views of the Kitt:: or of his Government would be submitted to them, with the rest:Its of the last I appeal to the Sovereigns parties to the treaty or the nth of July."

Reports or a serious misunderst mailig between Louis Philippe and ! M. Thiers, and is copse:picot chanett of 3iieistry, were circulated at t Paris. Other accounts represent ti et 311;,i•torail the King to be

agreed as to the coarse of action atel IILT IlI orlike Cle!).o1::,;ratious of the former are only made to treeenieddt the excited feelings or tl:e people, 1.y preparations for war, tot I hy hill-sounding articles in the journals.

William Till was played on Monday at tile Opera, and the erowJ was immense. Between the second and third acts the " 2 icr • ;" t't: • '' wets demanded with great cries, and was even thundered i.,,I'Lli by .1 1:01'6011 of the audience, when a Commissary of Ponce nit;de a eietettl, ;',.,,:il tbe boxes, at the end of which. sonic arrests 'wok place in the lolls: oil a great tumult. In severed towns or the Departments the Nelionel chorus has been sung without opposition. At Rouen, the (ley :,tier the publication of the news from Syria, the 3Ittrto iI1eite. tie metti in the programme of the theatre, and was sung with entlitt:ie•ni. t bi Suaday night several hundreds of persons.sang it on the Curl;. it it 4ii:otal; and finally, yesterday morning, dace regiments of the pat rie;.., ;titer haying been inspected by the Duke of Orleans, sang the M.gs..111;:ise.-1-c Commerce, Oet, 0,